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Luciano Saber is an award-winning filmmaker, a twenty-five year veteran of the entertainment industry with extensive experience in feature film production, television production, screenwriting, directing, and acting. He developed and produced theatrical feature films, television shows, and new media productions and placed all of the projects in distribution through major studio deals, television networks, and reputable distributors and sales agents.


He's currently developing film and television projects, and is a host of the Writers Guild of America podcast "3rd & Fairfax." In his spare time, Luciano's a guest speaker at film schools and universities such as California State University (C-SUN).  Earlier in his career, Luciano taught screenwriting classes at UCLA Extension, for several years. 


The Producers Guild of America selected him to participate in a television and film development program, "Power of Diversity." The Directors Guild of America chose Luciano to join in a nine-month-long television director development program. He was selected by ABC/Disney to participate in the studio's "Director Series" and later in the "Director and Writer Referral" programs. He was invited, as a director shadow, on the sets of "Designated Survivor" (ABC), "Scorpion" (CBS), "Madam Secretary" (CBS), and Disney's "Ravens Home." 


Before moving to Hollywood, Luciano started his career in media at a nationally syndicated TV station in Chicago WCFC-TV38 (currently TLN), where he worked as a camera operator, floor director, multi-camera director, executive producer and enjoyed a two-year assignment as an on-camera reporter. 


His life's journey, during his childhood years, went down a path less traveled by most. At a very young age, Luciano's family escaped from behind the iron curtain, and he spent part of his childhood in a refugee camp. After moving to the United States, he became a naturalized citizen, joined the U.S. Armed Forces, and worked undercover operations with a clandestine military organization. 


All these rich and diverse life experiences give Luciano the skills and tools necessary to develop film and television projects from an alternative point of view. The characters he creates have personality traits influenced by the sum of Luciano's experiences and lessons learned while on this incredible journey through life.

With dozens of feature film, television, and new media credits,  Luciano Saber continues to enjoy filmmaking. He's a respected professional in various disciplines of the entertainment industry and is currently an active member of the DGA, WGA and Producers Guild of America.  


The first feature film he wrote and produced, Placebo Effect, starring the late Francesco Quinn, won Best Original Screenplay, Best Picture and Best Cinematography awards at the New York International Independent Film Festival and enjoyed a limited theatrical release. Since then, Luciano worked on dozens of feature film projects and television shows.

Luciano has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia College and attended two police academies. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA and continues to enjoy being an active member of the entertainment industry. 


2017 - 2018 DGA / TV Director Development Program

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